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We are delighted to be able to offer Lecithin on the island of Ireland from Sternchemie GmbH. We can offer a range of Lecithin ranging from Standard, process optimised, de-oiled & modified. Our core competencies are reliability of supply, functionality and top quality. Sternchemie supplies high-quality, GM-free lecithins based on soya, sunflower and rapeseed.


Soya is the most frequent source of non-genetically modified (GM-free) lecithin worldwide. We focus on reliability of supply and on quality. Sternchemie was one of the first companies to start sourcing Indian soya lecithin. We also work with selected partners in Europe, Asia and the Americas in order to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Sunflower is now the main alternative when it comes to soya- and GM-free lecithins. Thanks to close cooperation with international raw ingredient producers in Europe and South America, we are able to ensure supply capability at all times and meet discerning raw ingredient requirements.

Thanks to its composition and functional properties, rapeseed lecithin is the perfect addition to our portfolio of soy and sunflower specialties and the “rising star” in the GM-free sky. Regional cultivation and a broad portfolio of European partners guarantee maximum flexibility and quality.